MathWorld - Online reference of mathematical concepts.

Game - Lecture notes, interactive applets, and bibliographies.

Al Roth's Cornucopia of Game Theory Resources - Resources for game theory and experimental social science.

ICPSR - The Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research is a great place to obtain and share data sets.

JSTOR - A great place to look for articles that are 2 or more years old.

APSANet - The American Political Science Assocation's web portal.


Free Computing Resources

Operating System and Utilities

Ubuntu - Linux for human beings (a free, easy-to-use operating system with lots of free software).

AVG and Avast - Free anti-virus software.

CD Burner XP Pro - Reliable CD/DVD burning software.

VMWare and EasyVMX - Create and run virtual machines.


Firefox - A reliable, secure, and very customizable open source web browser.

Thunderbird - Full-featured e-mail client with spam detection.

FileZilla - User-friendly SFTP/SSH file transfer client.

Scientific Computing/Statistics

Comprehensive R Archive Network - Download the R statistical software package and its many libraries.

Maxima - Free and open source computer algebra system (CAS).

Octave and Scilab - Free and open source numerical analysis/matrix algebra packages.

WinBUGS - Estimate hierarchical Bayesian models using MCMC (but consider MCMCPack in R).

Word Processing and Graphics

LyX - A free, open source WYSIWYM LaTeX editor. - A free, open source alternative to MS Office compatible with its file formats.

Zotero - A nice citation manager that integrates into Firefox and MS Word, with export to EndNote and BibTeX.

CiteULike - A nice online citation manager that exports to BibTeX and EndNote.

Inkscape - Nice vector drawing software; good for creating diagrams.

GIMP and - Image editing software with Photoshop-style tools.


Personal - Great Deals on Computer Hardware and Software.

PhD Comics - Procrastination central!

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